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Welcome to the Saratoga Community Home Page.
All submitted URL's will be considered for addition to this Web site.
The purpose of this site is to bring more Internet traffic to Saratoga-based Web sites.

The following information will be used to generate a web page with your business' information. If you already have your own website, the page will have a link to your website. Visitors will be able to find your information by category and keyword search. This is a volunteer project manned by a very busy individual, so sometimes listings may take a while to show up. Your patience is appreciated.

I have added this one extra page to the submission process because I have been flooded with submission requests from all over the world. Please only submit SARATOGA sites... SARATOGA, CALIFORNIA, that is.

Please do not post any other sites. I will not add them. It only creates more submissions for me to sort through, and it delays the posting of links that should go on this site.

IF you are submitting information for a SARATOGA business or organization, click here.

Thank you.

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